Darrin has made presentations at dozens of events over the past two decades.  He offers thought-provoking talks that tackle the big issues and the big questions and that take a long-term view of energy, food, and the environment.  His speaking engagements have ranged across Canada, the United States, and the European Union.  He has addressed representatives of federal governments and UN delegates.  He would be happy to discuss tailoring a presentation on any of the following topics:

♦ long-term civilizational trends, including economic growth, living standards, energy use, food supplies, and the rise of industry and consumerism;

♦ energy systems, renewable energy, biofuels, and energy transitions;

♦ the environment, sustainability, and extinctions;

♦ food and agriculture issues including fertility and fertilizers, seeds, mechanization, energy use, and greenhouse gas emissions from farms and food systems;

♦ food-system-related climate change impacts, emissions, and emissions reduction; and

♦ any of the topics you see covered in his blog posts.

Please contact Darrin to discuss the logistics of a presentation for your organization or event.

Darrin Qualman speaking in Lacombe, Alberta